Toyota Pickup Front Bump Stops 0-3 Inch For 89-95 Pickups - No Lift Required - DBF24RPU


DuroBumps Premium Toyota Pickup Front Bump Stops 0-3 Inch For 89-95. DBF24RPU DuroBumps are quality made in the USA with dual durometer (hardness) rubber, to deliver smooth, progressive dampening that reduces hard bottom-outs significantly and allows for greater control and comfort. OEM bump stops tend to feel rock-hard on contact. DuroBumps eliminate that hard bump.
The DuroBumps DBF24RPU is slightly taller than OEM bump stops because the DuroBumps compresses under load to lessen the impact just before the ultimate stop. The DBF24RPU will not limit your wheel-up travel. It’s designed to replace the rear-mounted OEM bump stop on the front passenger and driver sides of the truck.
The DBR24RPU is the only aftermarket bump stop designed with a 14° taper, ensuring even contact upon engagement.
Note: DBF24RPU includes the required nut and bolt needed to mount the front DBF24RPU Durobumps to 1989 – 1995 Toyota Pickup trucks only.