Stage 1 Lift Kit Bilstein/OME 2.5" – 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2022)

$937.99 $1,169.99

Front Coils
Rear Springs

Current lead time: 1 - 4 weeks

This lift kit can be configured with:

  • Bilstein 5100 front shocks
  • Front old man emu medium to heavy-duty lift coils
  • Rear extended Bilstein 5100 shocks allowing for longer travel


  • OME 887: Stock front weight. 1.5 inch lift
  • OME 888: Stock front weight 2.5 inch lift - 2" with extra weight
  • OME 886: 200 + lbs additional front weight heavy bumper 2.5 inch Lift


  • Icon add a leaf kit to achieve 1.5″ of lift

Front shocks must be used on lowest setting. 

Front shocks will need to be assembled - top hats are re-used from your stock setup. Many shops are able to compress and swap the top hats on.

We are using the coils to achieve lift, not the shocks, moving the perch up on the front shocks will be more than 3″ of lift, it will ride rough and void warranty.